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AJDK bring a lot of experience to the table, and the partnerteam alone has more than 60 years experience within chemical distribution. But, we also have experience in doing thing differently, and to constantly adapt to our customers needs and wishes.

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Peter From

Peter is the founder of AJDK as well as AJ International Trading Ltd. that is located in London. Peter has more than 35 years of experience in the chemicals industry, and has successfully owned and managed chemical distribution companies in 7 different countries. Peter is active in the board of "Kemi & Life Science"


Steen Lykke Hansen

Steen has more than 20 years of experience within sales and distribution of specialty chemicals for the personal care and pharma industry.
For more than two decades he has managed and worked with market leaders within the chemical industry, never compromising on quality and service.
Steen has an educational background as M.Sc. within engineering.

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Anne Pi Opala

Anne is a chemical engineer by education and a personal care geek by heart and experience. She has 10+ years of raw materials sales experience, and is widely involved with raw materials for personal care with labels and certifications. She tries to keep updated on everything make up and skin-care related, especially emerging trends.

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Siew Leng

Siew Leng has a business economic background and has more than 25 years of experience in the raw materials industry. She has experience in selling silicones, oleochemicals, vitamins, surfactants, celluloses and much more to the personal care, pharmaceutical and feed industry, from both Malaysia and UK.


Jacob From

Jacob is trained and highly skilled in esters, fatty acids and oleochemical technology in general. He has studied International business management, lived in four different countries so far, and speaks five different languages. Jacob is a lifelong learner and is soon to embark his MBA journey.

About the team: Teammedlemmer
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